Yoga and Movement

Breathe ~ Move ~ Connect

The Mind and Body House combines yoga postures with everyday functional movements to create classes that invite students to connect with their bodies through breath and movement.

Some classes will build balance and flexibility. Other classes focus more on mobility and strength.

Whichever class you choose, the intention behind all classes at the Mind and Body House is that you leave feeling good.

Hot Yoga

Practiced in a heated room, infrared heat technology gently warms up your body instead of the room and maintains a consistent temperature throughout your workout. Holding Hatha poses with steady breathing works the entire body, building foundational strength and challenging your entire system.

Our Hot Yoga Classes are attended by those just beginning their ‘hot’ yoga journey, seasoned students and all in-between. 

Emphasis is placed on breathing, posture and alignment whilst improving your balance, flexibility and concentration. 
Guidance and modifications are provided throughout. 

Contrary to popular belief, super duper flexibility is not a requirement. 😅

Come enjoy the heat, enjoy the stretch!

Pre- Class– come to class hydrated and fueled. You will sweat! and if you have not had a nutritious meal and water that day, your energy and stamina will wane.

Wear your comfortable exercise attire. Lighter fabrics and/or moisture wicking away fabrics work well in the heat.

Bring a towel for your mat and a hand/face towel.

Sweating during Hot Yoga is inevitable; our bodies do it in order to naturally regulate our core temperature. When you wipe the sweat away too much during class, you’re only preventing your body from doing what it needs to do to stay cool. Wiping your face to keep sweat out of your eyes is a must, but the rest of your body, aim to keep wiping to a minimum.

Bring something warm to put on directly after class as you will be chilly once you leave the warm studio.

Post-class– replenishing lost electrolytes and water (through sweating) is a must. Some people opt for an electrolyte sports drink. Coconut water is also a popular option.

The most important point is you should enjoy your class, play your edge but don’t go over it.

Relax into where the pose feels good for YOU rather than forcing yourself into what the “ideal” pose looks like.

Everyone is different, everyBODY is different.

You can chat with the instructor after any class if you have any questions regarding the poses, breathing etc.

First time to visit our studio? Other questions you may have can be found on our FAQ’s page

Gentle Yoga

A gentle class focusing on the breath and foundational yoga poses to relax renew and restore the body. A great class for beginners or people returning to a movement practice. Modifications provided if needed. This class is designed to leave you feeling relaxed and grounded.

Golden Years yoga

Aimed towards our senior community, this class combines basic yoga poses with functional exercises that target balance, flexibility and joint health.

Morning and Evening Yoga

A fusion of Hatha holds and Vinyasa flow designed for newbies and seasoned yogis who will reap rewards for both mind and body.

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