Do I have to book the class in advance or can I just drop in? 

Prior booking is essential either here on our website schedule page or via our Facebook Messenger page The Mind and Body House Abbeyleix or our instagram page @Themindandbodyhouseabbeyleix

If its your first time coming to the studio, please show up at least 5 minutes early so you can complete a health form.

What type of payments do you accept? 

We accept cash, debit and credit payments as well as payment through our online booking system.

What do I need to bring to class? 

For yoga classes – A yoga mat and a blanket for non heated classes.

If you are trying yoga for the first time and not sure if it’s for you, we have mats at the studio you are welcome to borrow for your initial class.

Please bring water with you for all classes.

For hot yoga bring a towel for your mat and a hand/face towel.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing.

For fitness classes- athletic shoes.

All yoga classes are barefoot.

Where can I park? 

We have parking spaces in our yard as well as outside on the street. 

For bicyclists we have a secure place for bikes.

Is there somewhere to store my valuables?

We have lockers available for you to lock your valuables.

Coats can be hung in the cloakroom.

Do you have showers at the studio?

Yes we have showering rooms, please let us know before class if you will be using the shower so we can have the water heated for you. (currently not accessible due to Covid restrictions)

I have never tried yoga before, can I get injured?

We have a “do what you can and listen to your body” ethos at the Mind & Body House.  Like any physical activity, especially a new one, take it slowly for the first few classes and progress as your body conditions itself. It is all about your personal journey on the mat so take your time and just enjoy. Instructors will offer modifications as needed. 

I am pregnant or have an old injury/chronic illness, can I still try one of your classes?

As long as your Doctor/Physiotherapist has cleared you to exercise, you are welcome to try any of our classes. We can discuss any challenges before your first class with us. 

I am not flexible, will I be able to practice yoga?

Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not designed only for the flexible. On the contrary, it’s designed to meet you where you are in your body and mind. Long term benefits can include increased flexibility, coordination and balance. 

I’m new to yoga/exercise- what class is good for me?

Each of our classes are accessible to all levels. You can choose to challenge yourself or take it easier depending on how you are feeling. The Mind and Body teachers invite you to listen to your body. This will lead you to your individual goals. We encourage you to try out all our classes.

I’d like to try hot yoga but I am worried it will get too hot? 

Our studio has been tested and controlled to negate any risk of overheating for clients. 

As a new student, most students adapt easily, however if you at any point feel tired or dizzy you can always take a break. 

What’s the best thing I can do to prepare for class?

Come to class hydrated and fuelled.

Everyone is different but best not to eat a large meal 1-2 hours before hand. Bring Water.

Bookings will be accepted up to 5 mins before class.

If it’s your first time at the studio, arrive 5-10 minutes early so we can register you in the system. 

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