The Mind and Body House is a Yoga and Fitness studio located in Abbeyleix, opened in 2019 by husband and wife team Stu and Laura.

Laura, originally from Shanahoe, and Stu, a native of Manchester, moved home to Ireland to turn their passions into a business, after spending 20 years working and living abroad.

The Mind and Body House run daily yoga and fitness classes as well as looking after personal clients. Laura also provides classes for community projects, such as teaching classes for local schools as well as corporate engagements and private functions.

Stu is the lead fitness instructor at the Mind and Body House. Having served 30 years in the British Army, physical fitness has been a constant throughout his entire career.

His passion is health and wellbeing, in particular physical fitness and nutrition. A certified Personal Trainer, his goal is simply to help people optimise their own personal health and fitness goals by improving on individual lifestyle choices. 

Stu’s own health and wellbeing journey has included the challenges that many people face. He understands how daunting lifestyle changes can seem at first. His approach to health is in recognising the value of incremental gains.

The smallest changes will inevitably lead to bigger and more sustained health improvements in the long term.

Laura is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher at the Mind and Body House. She graduated her 200 hour yoga program in 2012 from Purusha Yoga School in San Francisco.

Practicing yoga and movement has contributed to Laura’s evolution in health and wellness. She noticed how her practice enabled her to connect with her own body, leading to a greater awareness of her own lifestyle choices and essentially making better choices when it came to diet and activity.

Her passion for health and wellness evolved primarily from her previous career as a Nurse. Having experienced first-hand the impact that lifestyle choices had on many of her patients, including the effects of inactivity, poor dietary habits and the consequential physical and mental health problems, Laura realised that many of these problems could have been prevented through the countless aspects and benefits that yoga instils.

The Mind and Body House works through the belief that movement is medicine. Our goal is to assist you in getting to a place where your health and happiness is your and our priority.

Both Laura and Stu are certified mobility specialists for Functional Range Conditioning.

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