The seed was first planted for The Mind and Body House during a conversation between Stu and his wife Laura on the evening of their wedding.  

They had both long shared a passion for health and wellness so the idea to turn that passion into a business made complete and exciting sense to them.

Four years later and their dream has become a reality. 

Stu is the lead fitness instructor at the Mind and Body House. His passion is health and wellbeing, in particular nutrition and physical fitness. A certified Personal Trainer as well as holding a diploma in human nutrition, his goal is simply to help people optimize their own personal health and fitness goals by improving on individual lifestyle choices. 

Stu’s own health and wellbeing journey has included the challenges that many people face. He understands how daunting lifestyle changes can seem at first. His approach to health is in recognising the value of incremental gains.

The smallest changes will inevitably lead to bigger and more sustained health improvements in the long term.

Laura is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher at the Mind and Body House. Her passion for health and wellness evolved primarily from her previous career as a Nurse. Although many of her patients became ill as a result of genetic or unknown reasons, Laura also cared for many patients who ended up in the hospital as a result of their lifestyle choices, particularly diet and activity. A lot of illnesses that could have been prevented through health education, particularly at the community level. Patients, whose illnesses and often consequential complications have led them to having a lesser quality of life.

The Mind and Body House works through the belief that movement is medicine. Our goal is to assist you in getting to a place where your health and happiness is your priority.

Practicing yoga and movement has also contributed to Laura’s evolution in health and wellness. She noticed how this practice enabled her to connect with her own body, leading to a greater awareness of her own lifestyle choices and essentially making better choices when it came to diet and activity.

Both Laura and Stu are certified mobility specialists for Functional Range Conditioning.

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